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Today’s aircraft engine manufacturers strive to develop more powerful and lightweight designs that burn hotter, quieter and cleaner. However, simulating the extreme loads, motions and temperatures necessary to develop such designs can be a complex and costly endeavor. By partnering , you’ll have a simple and affordable means of generating more comprehensive and accurate test results in less time and for less money.

Space Structures

Every venture into space is a costly and high-profile one. Success or failure is evident. Before any project gets off the ground, manufacturers of aerospace structures and launch vehicles must be certain that every material, component, subsystem and structure used in their designs meets the highest standards for performance and durability.

Fixed Wing

Fixed-wing aircraft manufacturers face unprecedented demand to develop faster, lighter, quieter and more fuel-efficient designs. Meeting this demand creates new challenges for aerospace test professionals around the world, whether they’re developing commercial aircraft, military aircraft, or both.


New materials and design innovations have fueled the development of more agile, lightweight and rugged rotary-wing aircraft. Helicopters are expected to provide exceptional performance over a longer service life in increasingly hostile operating environments, creating new demands for characterizing the durability and performance of structures, components and materials.


These are not your ordinary seats, panels and fabrics. They are intended for use in aircraft, which means they must adhere to exacting aviation industry standards for safety and durability. To meet these demands, test professionals must subject every aircraft interior material and component to rigorous testing, in order to acquire test data that proves each product’s compliance with standards and suitability for its intended purpose.