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GRADE DatabaseGRADE Database – the largest metals database for fast and easy grade identification Finding the correct grade in only 3 steps

The GRADE Database is the largest metals database available, preinstalled on all Oxford Instruments optical emission spectrometers (OES), with more than 4 million records for over 200,000 metal grades.


he FOUNDRY-MASTER range of stationary optical emission spectrometers for process control and chemical analysis of metals.
Engineered for high analytical flexibility, the stationary spectrometers FOUNDRY-MASTER offer the ideal, cost-effective solution for all metal producing and metal processing industries.

Laboratory Metal Analysis - FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro

The floor standing metal analyser FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro is a high-performing optical emission spectrometer (OES). Engineered for high performance and reliability, the laboratory FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro, with its innovative optical system and extended wavelength range, assures precise identification and trace analysis of important elements such as Nitrogen in steel and Phosphorus in aluminium.