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Portable / Mobile OES

Optical Emission Spectrometers

Seamless quality control is essential for any metalworking, starting with tramp element
analysis for scrap, inspection of in-coming materials, QS / QA in the foundry process
and goods issue.

Our optical emission spectrometers (OES) offer the highest levels of accuracy and precision
of the analytical results. A powerful yet easy-to-use software package covers almost every

Robust yet reliable technology

  • Low detection limits of a wide range of elements
  • Analyse even critical trace tramp and inoculating elements
  • Widest spectral range covering nearly all interesting elements, including nitrogen in steel
  • Integrated grade database

High performance metals analysis  

  • High analytical performance using robust yet reliable technology
  • Ease-of-use
  • High resolution Multi-CCD optics for best spectral line separation
  • Extensive result, report and result processing options