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The ALOHA H2O moisture analyzer provides High Brightness LED makers with the exceptional detection limits, accuracy, reliability, speed of response and ease of operations that Tiger Optics customers have come to expect. The ALOHA H2O is fully self-calibrating and very “bright”!

LaserTrace Series

The LaserTrace product line comprises our most versaile and powerful trace gas analyzers, capable of measuring four molecules at a time on up to four separate gas lines. This innovative product uses fiber optic cables to connect our electronics modules as far as 50 meters from their separate sensor modules. Modules can be installed in a 19″ rack or populated individually in a plant or fab.


Multi-Species Tiger Optics is proud to introduce the Prismatic 2, next in line after its Golden Gas Award winning predecessor, the Prismatic, which won in 2010 for Gas Analysis and Detection.